A Database may be a collection of related data organised during a way that data are often easily accessed, managed and updated. Any pieces of information are often knowledge, for instance name of your dog. Database is really an area where related pieces of data are stored and various operations are often performed against it. In this you will learn Relational Database Design, Database Implementation and Tools, Advanced SQL, Object Oriented Database, Introduction to Data Warehousing, POSTGERESQ etc. Advanced data management has always been at the core of efficient database and information systems. A data management system basically software that interacts with a database and the user. It allows you to query the database create, update eliminate DB objects.


  • Unit-1 : Relational Database Design
  • Unit-2 : Database Implementation and Tools
  • Unit-3 : Advanced SQL
  • Unit-4 : Query Processing and Evaluation
  • Unit-5 : Transaction Management and Recovery
  • Unit-6 : Database Security And Authorization
  • Unit-7 : Object Oriented Database
  • Unit-8 : Database and XML
  • Unit-9 : Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Unit-10 : Introduction to Data Mining
  • Unit-11 : Emerging Database Models, Technologies And Applications-I
  • Unit-12 : Emerging Database Models And Application-II
  • Unit-13 : POSTGERESQL-I
  • Unit-14 : POSTGERESQL-II

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