Thought Designer- An E-publishing Zone

E-publishing has become quite common in scientific publishing, where digital publishing or online publishing has replaced the traditional practices. E-publishing is becoming increasingly popular meeting the current demands of the industry.

Executed to cater to the present scenario, Thought Designer- An E-publishing Zone empowers its authors to release their books easily with the maximum reach to e-readers.

Thought Designer helps the authors to increase the reach by capturing mobile, tablet, smartphone, or computer readers.

With more than three decades of experience, we understand the changing needs with evolving technology. Thought Designer provides incomparable service benefits to the client in terms of both quality and on time delivery.

Why should you choose Thought Designer: An E-publishing Zone?

  • Multilanguage Proficiency
  • Fault-free Productivity
  • Staunch application of guidelines
  • Capability to handle volume surge
  • Time-bound delivery
  • Client collaboration and unparalleled results as per the requirements
  • Impeccable integration from print base to digital platforms

To give your thoughts a new dimension, we provide numerous services in this section. Click on the link below to know more about our services.

In Our Services

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Our services

  • E-publishing : Digital e-book is a new form of books in 21st century. We offer conversion of e-books in various formats. In this digital world, we create e-books catering to the needs of digital book lovers who are keen to read books through electronic medium.
  • Designing : The cover page of a document is the first and last impression in the readers’ mind. It helps to attract the attention of a reader. We create content oriented images for right attraction of our readers.
  • Infographics : Designing the bulky content in an attractive infographic is the need of the hour. We convert your bulky PPT, text content, etc. into attractive infographic to increase your approachability in the market.
  • Book Writing : As an integral component of book, typing and editing of the content have its own relevance. We have a team of experts having great experience in book text typing and report typing. Establishing its name from past 30 years in the education industry with a pool of Subject-Matter Experts from various fields, Thought Designer can surely guide and edit your content as per your requirements.


Our E-publishing services include converting eBooks to multiple formats. We provide a range of ePublishing offerings :

  • Book Conversion To Kindle Edition
  • Conversion To E-Book
  • Self-Publishing Book
  • E-Books on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Google Android
  • Read aloud E-Books, Voiceover
  • Interactive Catalogs
  • Multimedia DVDs


Enhancing images through extensive artwork services is our forte. Our designing team can transform an image based on specific requirements. :

  • Image Restoration & Retouching.
  • Conversion To E-Book
  • Balance Backgrounds, Tones, etc.
  • Creative retouching and Colour Corrections
  • Designing Front Cover
  • Designing Back Cover
  • Illustrations For Book
  • Designing of Video Book
  • Designing Videos of Various Genres, i.e., promotional, educational, informational, marketing, etc.


Avail our services to make the content easily readable as well as understandable :

  • Interactive eBooks Into Infographics of Various Genres,i.e., Presentations, Chart Formats, Presentable Word Document, Beautiful Presentable GIFs, Creative Video Formats, and many more
  • Illustration and Artwork Services

Book Writing

Book Writing, Typing and Editing won’t be a challenge for you with Thought Designer. We provide professional services in a structured and coordinated process. :

  • Book Editing
  • Book Typing
  • Typesetting Services
  • Dedicated Proofreading
  • Research and Review Services
  • Scanning and Data Capturing

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