Discrete Mathematics is the language of computing. One must be fluent in it to figure in many fields, including data science, machine learning, and software engineering. In this, you will learn about logic connectivity, Logical Equivalence, Logical Quantifiers, logic gates, etc. You will also learn Sets, Relations and Functions, Combinatorics, Counting Principles, Partitions, and Distributions. Concepts and notations from discrete mathematics are useful in studying and describing objects and problems in computing branches, like computer algorithms, programming languages, cryptography, automated theorem proving, and software development.


  • Unit-1Propositional Calculus
  • Unit-2 Methods of Proof
  • Unit-3 Boolean Algebra and Circuits
  • Unit-4 Sets, Relations, and Functions
  • Unit-5 Combinatorics - An Introduction
  • Unit-6 Some More Counting Principles
  • Unit-7 Partitions and Distributions

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