MIS makes your business better as workplace life revolves around the information system and decision making process. Let’s figure out how 5 components of Management information system that is hardware, software, data, people and process are interconnecting together. Develop strong diagnostic skills, strategic thinking and special technological tasks skills used widely at organization level.


  • Ms-Office
  • Internet
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Secure User
  • MIS
  • Advance Excel
  • Intro to analytics
  • Basic analytic lab
  • Introduction to VBA
  • Programming in VBA
  • Functions and Add-ins
  • Data Manipulation using VBA
  • Excel VBA User Form
  • Data and its types
  • Big data management .tools
  • Database and data warehouse
  • ETL
  • BI
  • What is analytics
  • Analytics with Excel and R
  • Types of Analytics
  • Challenge sin Analytics
  • Popular data analytics tool
  • Social media analytics tool
  • Business analytics
  • Data visualization techniques
  • R-language using Mysql

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